31 Jan 2023
Pierluigi Casolaro (U. Bern, Switzerland): Ultra-high dose rate dosimetry with miniaturized scintillators and optical fibers
24 Jan 2023
No Physics Seminar (Dr. Karen Winkfield's talk at the O'Keeffe)
17 Jan 2023
No Physics Seminar
10 Jan 2023
Andrzej Niemierko (MGH): Cancelled
03 Jan 2023
No Physics Seminar (New Year Holiday)
27 Dec 2022
No Physics Seminar (Christmas Holiday)
20 Dec 2022
Shannon Emerzian (Beth Israel): Biomechanical Determinants of Radiation-Induced Skeletal Fragility
13 Dec 2022
Pamela Ohashi (Princess Margaret): Innate Lymphoid Cells: Critical regulators of disease
06 Dec 2022
Alice Berger (Fred Hutch): Discovery of oncogene and non-oncogene dependencies to inform lung cancer precision medicine
29 Nov 2022
Maximillian Niyazi (LMU): Future of glioblastoma therapy: Old concepts reloaded
22 Nov 2022
Marjan Rafat (Vanderbilt): The Role of Irradiated Normal Tissue in Breast Cancer Recurrence
15 Nov 2022
Grand Round: Marco Durante (Technische Universität Darmstadt): Heavy Ion Therapy: Back to the USA
08 Nov 2022
Chris Beekman (MGH): Calculation of blood dose to explain radiation induced lymphopenia
01 Nov 2022
Issam El-Naqa (Moffitt): Can Physics Principles Aid Advancing Artificial Intelligence Application in Radiotherapy?
25 Oct 2022
No Physics Seminar (ASTRO2022)
18 Oct 2022
Lei Xing (Stanford): Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Decision-Making in the age of AI
11 Oct 2022
Susu Yan (MGH): Democratization of Proton Therapy
04 Oct 2022
José Ramos-Mendez (UCSF): On the road for modeling ultra-high dose rate scenarios with Monte Carlo track-structure.
27 Sep 2022
Iuliana Toma-Dasu (Stockholm U-Karolinksa Inst): Adaptive radiation therapy based on tumour responsiveness assessed with functional imaging
13 Sep 2022
Dan Duda (Steele Lab): Rationally integrating radiotherapy for liver cancers by leveraging multidisciplinary translational studies
06 Sep 2022
Special Physics Seminar: Harald Paganetti (MGH): Wilson Award Lecture: “Physics research to stratify patients for proton therapy"
30 Aug 2022
Vladimir Pan (U. Wollongong): Determining the Applicability of a MOSkin dosimeter for Proton Therapy
16 Aug 2022
Lizette Warner (Special Seminar on DEI): How to Promote and Support Women in Leadership
02 Aug 2022
Anatoly Rozenfeld (U. Wollongong): Microdosimetry based QA for RBE-weighted dose optimization in proton and heavy ion therapy
26 Jul 2022
Lukas McCullum (MGH): Studying the impact of RT effect on immune system with focus on lymphocyte depletion
19 Jul 2022
Zoltán Perkó (Delft): AI in Radiotherapy – Computational Methods and Deep Learning for Treatment Planning
12 Jul 2022
No Physics Seminar (AAPM2022)
05 Jul 2022
Sebastian Breedveld (Erasmus): Automated and Instantaneous Treatment Planning
28 Jun 2022
No Physics Seminar (PTCOG 2022)
21 Jun 2022
Carl-Fredrik Westin (BWH): Multidimensional diffusion MRI for assessing tissue microstructure.
14 Jun 2022
Torben Hornung (ETH Zurich-MGH): Introducing Ultra-Low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging into Proton Therapy
31 May 2022
Konrad Nesteruk (MGH): Online adaptive proton therapy using different imaging techniques
24 May 2022
Saverio Braccini (U Bern): Multi-disciplinary Research Activities at the Bern medical Cyclotron
19 May 2022
Special Seminar: Jan Unkelbach (U. Zurich): Combined proton-photon radiotherapy
17 May 2022
Grand Round: Martha Matuszak (UMich)
26 Apr 2022
Bryan Bednarz (U. Wisconsin): Multiscale Dosimetry for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
19 Apr 2022
Hanne Kooy (MGH): GMC (ˈgɪmɪk) – A Gp.Hz Clinical MC
12 Apr 2022
Casey Lee (MGH): Towards MRI-only Treatment Planning (MRTP) for HDR Brachytherapy
29 Mar 2022
Ibrahim Chamseddine (MGH): Compact Neural Network to Predict Hepatic Radiotoxicity from the Entire Dose-Volume Histogram and Baseline Liver Function
22 Mar 2022
Timothy Chan (U Toronto): Knowledge-based planning: prediction, optimization, and open-access advances
15 Mar 2022
Yi Wang (MGH): Clinical implementation of deep learning for RT auto-segmentation
08 Mar 2022
Ehsan Salari (Wichita State): Intra-fraction Motion Management in MRI-guided Radiation Therapy using a Control-Theoretic Approach
01 Mar 2022
No Seminar: Grand Round with Robert Timmerman & Steve Jiang (UT Southwestern)
22 Feb 2022
Yejin Kim (MGH): Analysis and Prediction of Lymphocyte Dynamics after Radiotherapy for Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 
15 Feb 2022
Michael Merchant (U. Manchester): Progress towards Biologically Augmented Treatment Planning for Proton Therapy at the University of Manchester
08 Feb 2022
Wei Liu (Mayo Clinic - Arizona): ATLAS: Adverse events study in proton Therapy using dose Linear energy transfer volume histogram And Seed spot analysis
01 Feb 2022
Masoud Zarepisheh (MSKCC): MSK-ECHO home-grown automated treatment planning system: Algorithm development and clinical experience with > 5000 patients