02 Aug 2022
Anatoly Rozenfeld (U. Wollongong): Microdosimetry based QA for RBE-weighted dose optimization in proton and heavy ion therapy
26 Jul 2022
Lukas McCullum (MGH): Studying the impact of RT effect on immune system with focus on lymphocyte depletion
19 Jul 2022
Zoltán Perkó (Delft): AI in Radiotherapy – Computational Methods and Deep Learning for Treatment Planning
12 Jul 2022
No Physics Seminar (AAPM2022)
05 Jul 2022
Sebastian Breedveld (Erasmus): Automated and Instantaneous Treatment Planning
28 Jun 2022
No Physics Seminar (PTCOG 2022)
21 Jun 2022
Carl-Fredrik Westin (BWH): Multidimensional diffusion MRI for assessing tissue microstructure.
14 Jun 2022
Torben Hornung (ETH Zurich-MGH): Introducing Ultra-Low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging into Proton Therapy
31 May 2022
Konrad Nesteruk (MGH): Online adaptive proton therapy using different imaging techniques
24 May 2022
Saverio Braccini (U Bern): Multi-disciplinary Research Activities at the Bern medical Cyclotron
19 May 2022
Special Seminar: Jan Unkelbach (U. Zurich): Combined proton-photon radiotherapy
17 May 2022
Grand Round: Martha Matuszak (UMich)
26 Apr 2022
Bryan Bednarz (U. Wisconsin): Multiscale Dosimetry for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
19 Apr 2022
Hanne Kooy (MGH): GMC (ˈgɪmɪk) – A Gp.Hz Clinical MC
12 Apr 2022
Casey Lee (MGH): Towards MRI-only Treatment Planning (MRTP) for HDR Brachytherapy
29 Mar 2022
Ibrahim Chamseddine (MGH): Compact Neural Network to Predict Hepatic Radiotoxicity from the Entire Dose-Volume Histogram and Baseline Liver Function
22 Mar 2022
Timothy Chan (U Toronto): Knowledge-based planning: prediction, optimization, and open-access advances
15 Mar 2022
Yi Wang (MGH): Clinical implementation of deep learning for RT auto-segmentation
08 Mar 2022
Ehsan Salari (Wichita State): Intra-fraction Motion Management in MRI-guided Radiation Therapy using a Control-Theoretic Approach
01 Mar 2022
No Seminar: Grand Round with Robert Timmerman & Steve Jiang (UT Southwestern)
22 Feb 2022
Yejin Kim (MGH): Analysis and Prediction of Lymphocyte Dynamics after Radiotherapy for Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 
15 Feb 2022
Michael Merchant (U. Manchester): Progress towards Biologically Augmented Treatment Planning for Proton Therapy at the University of Manchester
08 Feb 2022
Wei Liu (Mayo Clinic - Arizona): ATLAS: Adverse events study in proton Therapy using dose Linear energy transfer volume histogram And Seed spot analysis
01 Feb 2022
Masoud Zarepisheh (MSKCC): MSK-ECHO home-grown automated treatment planning system: Algorithm development and clinical experience with > 5000 patients
25 Jan 2022
Alejandro Bertolet (MGH): Dosimetry for radiopharmaceutical therapy with α-particles: a K99/R00 awarded project
18 Jan 2022
Hoyeon Lee (MGH): moqui: Fast and Memory-efficient Monte Carlo Code for Proton Dose Calculation
11 Jan 2022
Ross Berbeco (BWH): Preclinical and clinical applications of nanoparticles in MRI-guided radiation therapy
28 Dec 2021
No Seminar (holiday season)
21 Dec 2021
Michele M Kim (UPenn): Commissioning to Canines: Proton FLASH Radiotherapy at the University of Pennsylvania
14 Dec 2021
Kristy Brock (MDACC): Advancing Image Guided Cancer Therapy through Biomechanics and Artificial Intelligence
07 Dec 2021
Heiko Enderling (Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute): Harnessing the complex tumor-immune interactions with radiotherapy
30 Nov 2021
no Seminar (FPRT)
23 Nov 2021
Peter Wardman: Radiobiology in a FLASH: how chemical kinetics links time and space as pointers to mechanisms
16 Nov 2021
Henning Willers & Clemens Grassberger (MGH): Molecular Targeted Radiosensitizers: Bench to Bedside & Opportunities for (Bio)Physics Research
09 Nov 2021
No Seminar: TOPAS Course
02 Nov 2021
Gregory Buti (MGH): Practical Solutions for fast and clinical robust optimization in proton therapy
26 Oct 2021
No Seminar (ASTRO meeting)
19 Oct 2021
Tony Lomax (PSI): Physics Grand Round: FLASH Therapy: Will it ever get out of the pan?
12 Oct 2021
Tayyaba Hasan (Wellman Center, MGH) -Photodynamic Therapy: applications and limitations. Can these be overcome by using ionizing radiation as an adjuvant excitation source?
05 Oct 2021
No Seminar (RRS meeting)
28 Sep 2021
Sarah Johnstone (Dana Farber): Deciphering the 3D cancer genome
21 Sep 2021
Thomas Bortfeld & Harald Paganetti (MGH): Overview of Physics Research Projects at MGH radiation Oncology
14 Sep 2021
Pablo Botas (Foundation 29 of February): Collaborative rare disease diagnosis: how and why
07 Sep 2021
Rachel Hachadorian (MGH): Towards Absolute Dosimetry and Field Verification of Whole Breast Radiation Therapy Treatment Using Cherenkov Imaging.
31 Aug 2021
Xiaochuan Pan (U Chicago): Image Reconstruction in Quantitative Spectral Computed Tomography
24 Aug 2021
Julie Pollard-Larkin (MDACC): Critical Mass: Moving from Gender Equity to Racial Equity within Medical Physics
17 Aug 2021
Stella Xing (MGH): A dynamic blood flow model to calculate dose to circulating blood and lymphocytes in liver radiation therapy