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Director of Physics Research
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Director of Physics Research

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228 Peer-reviewed articles (19 sole author, 25 first author, 87 senior author)

H-index: 58


“Proton Therapy Physics”: Ed. Harald Paganetti; Taylor & Francis / CRC Press 2012; ISBN-10: 1439836442

“Principles and Practice of Proton Beam Therapy”: (Eds. Indra J Das and Harald Paganetti); Medical Physics Monograph No. 37; Medical Physics Publishing, Madison, W; ISBN:  978-1-936366-43-9 2015

“Proton Beam Therapy”: Harald Paganetti; IOP Publishing 2017; ISBN: 978-0-7503-1370-4 (ebook)

“Proton Therapy Physics” 2nd edition: Ed. Harald Paganetti; Taylor & Francis / CRC Press 2018; ISBN 9781138626508

Most recent (2018-2019) publications in peer-reviewed journals

  1. Botas P; Grassberger C; Sharp G and Paganetti H: Density overwrites of internal tumor volumes in intensity modulated proton therapy plans for mobile lung tumors. Physics in Medicine and Biology 2018 63; 035023
  2. Gentile MS; Yeap BY; Goebel C; Gaudet D; Gallotto S; Weyman E; Morgan M; MacDonald SM; Giantsoudi D; Adams J; Paganetti H; Tarbell NJ; Kooy H and Yock TI: Brainstem Injury in Pediatric Patients with Posterior Fossa Tumors Treated with Proton Beam Therapy and Associated Dosimetric Factors. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics 2018 100; 719-729
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