Aimee McNamara, PhD

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  • PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Sydney (2009)
  • BSc Honors in Physics, University of Witwatersrand (2006)
  • BSc in Mathematics and Physics, University of Witwatersrand (2005)

Previous work  experience 

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in the Institute of Medical Physics, School of Physics, University of Sydney.
  • Research Fellow at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). 

Selected Publications

  1. McNamara AL, Ramos-Mendez J, Perl J, Held K, Dominguez N, Moreno E, Henthorn NT, Kirkby KJ, Meylan S, Villagrasa C, Incerti S, Faddegon B, Paganetti H, Schuemann J (2018) Geometric structures for the radiation biology research as implemented in the TOPAS-nBio toolkit,
    Physics in Medicine and Biology, 63 (17), 175018.
  2. Ramos-Mendez JA, Perl J, Schuemann J, McNamara AL, Paganetti H, Faddegon B (2018) Monte Carlo simulation of chemistry following radiolysis with TOPAS-nBio, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 63 (10), 105014.
  3. McMahon SJ, McNamara AL, Schuemann J, Paganetti H and Prise K (2017) A general mechanistic model enables predictions of the biological effectiveness of different qualities of radiation, Scientific Reports, 7 (1), 10790.
  4. McNamara A, Geng C, Turner R, Ramos Mendez J, Perl J, Held K, Faddegon B, Paganetti H, Schuemann J (2017) Validation of the radiobiology toolkit TOPAS-nBio in simple DNA geometries, Physica Medica, 33, 207-215.
  5. Sung W, Sung-Joon Y, McNamara AL, McMahon SJ, Hainfeld J, Shin J, Smilowitz HM, Paganetti H, Schuemann J (2017) Dependence of gold nanoparticle radiosensitization on cell geometry, Nanoscale, 9 (18), 5843.
  6. McNamara AL, Kam WWY, Scales N, McMahon SJ, Bennett JW, Byrne HL, Schuemann J, Paganetti H, Banati R, Kuncic Z (2016) Dose enhancement effects to the nucleus and mitochondria from gold nanoparticles in the cytosol, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 61 (16), 5993.
  7. Toghyani M, Gilliam JE, McNamara AL, Kuncic Z (2016) Polarisation-based coincidence event discrimination: an in silico study towards a feasible scheme for Compton-PET, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 61 (15), 5803.
  8. McNamara AL, Schuemann J, Paganetti H (2015) A phenomenological relative biological effectiveness (RBE) model for proton therapy based on all published in vitro cell survival data,  Physics in Medicine and Biology, 60, 8399.
  9. Polster L, Schuemann J, Rinaldi I, Burigo L, McNamara AL, Stewart RD, Attili A, Carlson D, Sato T, Faddegon B, Perl J, Paganetti H (2015) Extension of TOPAS for the simulation of proton radiation effects considering molecular and cellular endpoints, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 60, 5053.
  10. Byrne HL, Domanova W, McNamara AL, Incerti S, Kuncic Z (2015) The cytoplasm as a radiation target: an in silica study of microbeam cell irradiation, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 60, 2325.
  11. McNamara AL, Toghyani M, Gillam J, Wu K, Kuncic Z (2014) Towards optimal imaging with PET: an in silico feasibility study, Physics in Medicine and Biology 59, 7587.
  12. Blake SJ, McNamara AL, Vial P, Holloway L, Kuncic Z (2014) Optimisation of the imaging and dosimetric characteristics of an electronic portal imaging device employing plastic scintillating fibres using Monte Carlo simulations, Physics in Medicine and Biology 59, 6827 (featured in medicalphysicsweb:
  13. McNamara AL, Oelfke U, Kuncic Z (2014) Revealing the underlying mechanism of microbeam radiation therapy with low energy Monte Carlo simulations, Institute of Physics: Conference series 489, 12018.
  14. Kam WW-Y, McNamara AL, Lake V, Banos C, Davies JB, Kuncic Z, Banati RB (2013) Predicted ionization in mitochondria and observed acute changes in the mitochondrial transcriptome after gamma irradiation: A Monte Carlo simulation and quantitative PCR study, Mitochondrion 13, 736.
  15. Byrne HL, McNamara AL, Domanova W, Guatelli S, Kuncic Z (2013) Radiation damage on sub- cellular scales: beyond DNA, Physics in Medicine and Biology 58, 1251 (featured in medicalphysicsweb:
  16. Blake SJ, McNamara AL, Deshpande S, Holloway L, Greer PB, Kuncic Z, Vial P (2013) Characterization of a novel EPID designed for simultaneous imaging and dose verification in radiotherapy, Medical Physics 40, 091902.
  17. Blake SJ, Vial P, Holloway L, Greer PB, McNamara AL, Kuncic Z (2013) Characterization of optical transport on EPID dosimetry using Geant4, Medical Physics 40, 041708.
  18. McNamara AL, Wu K, Boardman D, Reinhard MI, Kuncic Z (2013) Positron emission tomography coincidence detection with photon polarization correlation, SPIE Medical Imaging 8668, 1U.
  19. Kuncic Z, Byrne HL, McNamara AL, Guatelli S, Domanova W, Incerti S (2012) In Silico Nanodosimetry: new insights into non-targeted biological responses to radiation, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, Article ID 147252.
  20. McNamara AL, Guatelli S, Prokopovich D, Reinhard MI, Rosenfeld AB (2012) A Comparison of x-ray and proton beam low energy secondary electron track structures using the low energy models of Geant4, International Journal of Radiation Biology 88:164.
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