Harald Paganetti, PhD

Director of Physics Research
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Address: Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Radiation Oncology
100 Blossom Street
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617 726 5847

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Director of Physics Research

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Oversight Committee of the Harvard Medical Physics Residency Program

National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP)

International Commission on Radiological Units and Measurements (ICRU)

ASTRO Research Grants Evaluation Sub- Committee

ASTRO Science Council

NRG – Oncology: Chair, RBE White Paper committee

PTCOG-NA: Board of Directors

PTCOG: Research Proposals Sub-Committee

Executive Editorial Board: Physics in Medicine and Biology

Scientific Advisory Board The Cancer Terminator Foundation

Report of Scholarship


4 Books edited

22 Book chapters

287 Peer-reviewed articles (21 sole author, 29 first author, 107 senior author)

H-index: 81


“Proton Therapy Physics”: Ed. Harald Paganetti; Taylor & Francis / CRC Press 2012; ISBN-10: 1439836442

“Principles and Practice of Proton Beam Therapy”: (Eds. Indra J Das and Harald Paganetti); Medical Physics Monograph No. 37; Medical Physics Publishing, Madison, W; ISBN:  978-1-936366-43-9 2015

“Proton Beam Therapy”: Harald Paganetti; IOP Publishing 2017; ISBN: 978-0-7503-1370-4 (ebook)

“Proton Therapy Physics” 2nd edition: Ed. Harald Paganetti; Taylor & Francis / CRC Press 2018; ISBN 9781138626508

Publications in peer-reviewed journals in 2022

  1. Manganaro L; Attili A; Bortfeld T and Paganetti H: Spatiotemporal optimisation of prostate intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT) treatments. Physics in Medicine and Biology 2022 67; 045005
  2. Xing S; Shin J; Pursley J; Correa Alfonso CM; Depauw N; Domal S; Withrow J; Bolch WE; Grassberger C and Paganetti H: A dynamic blood flow model to compute absorbed dose to circulating blood and lymphocytes in liver external beam radiotherapy. Physics in Medicine and Biology 2022 67; 045010
  3. Chamseddine I; Kim Y; De B; El Naqa I; Duda DG; Wolfgang J; Pursley J; Paganetti H; Wo J; Hong T; Koay EJ and Grassberger C: Predictive Modeling of Survival and Toxicity in Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma After Radiotherapy. JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics 2022
  4. Mairani A; Mein S; Blakely E; Debus J; Durante M; Ferrari A; Fuchs H; Georg D; Grosshans DR; Guan F; Haberer T; Harrabi S; Horst F; Inaniwa T; Karger CP; Mohan R; Paganetti H; Parodi K; Sala P; Schuy C; Tessonnier T; Titt U and Weber U: Roadmap: helium ion therapy. Physics in Medicine and Biology 2022
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  6. Correa-Alfonso CM; Withrow JD; Domal SJ; Xing S; Shin J; Grassberger C; Paganetti H and Bolch WE: A mesh-based model of liver vasculature: Implications for improved radiation dosimetry to liver parenchyma for radiopharmaceuticals. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Physics (EJNMMI-Physics) 2022 9; 28
  7. Pompos A; Foote RL; Koong AC; Le QT; Mohan R; Paganetti H and Choy H: National Effort to Re-Establish Heavy Ion Therapy Cancer Treatment in the United States. Frontiers in Oncology 2022 12; 880712
  8. Bertolet A; Ramos-Méndez J; McNamara A; Yoo D; Ingram S; Henthorn N; Warmenhoven J-W; Faddegon B; Merchant M; McMahon S; Paganetti H and Schuemann J: Impact of DNA geometry and scoring on Monte Carlo track-structure simulations of initial radiation-induced damage. Radiation Research 2022; in press
  9. Lee H; Shin J; Verburg JM; Bobić M; Winey B; Schuemann J and Paganetti H: MOQUI: An open-source GPU-based Monte Carlo code for proton dose calculation with efficient data structure. Physics in Medicine and Biology 2022
  10. Nenoff L; Buti G; Bobić M; Lalonde A; Nesteruk KP; Winey B; Sharp G; Sudhyadhom A and Paganetti H: Integrating structure propagation uncertainties in the optimi-zation of online adaptive proton therapy plans. Cancers 2022 14; 3926
  11. Nesteruk KP; Bobić M; Sharp GC; Lalonde A; Winey BA; Nenoff L; Lomax AJ and Paganetti H: Low-dose CT scanning protocols for online adaptive proton therapy of head-and-neck cancers. Cancers 2022 14; 5155
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