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Elizabeth Crowley, MS

Medical Physicist


Bachelors of Science, Physics Boston College, 1997
Masters of Science, Physics Duke University, 2001


Certified Medical Dosimetrist, 2004
American Board of Radiology, Therapeutic Radiologic Physics, 2007

Academic Appointments

Adjunct Faculty Suffolk University, 2004-2006
Associate in Radiation Oncology Harvard Medical School, 2007-

MGH Committee Assignments

Paperless Task Force Member, 2008-2011
ACR Reaccreditation Task Force Member, 2012

Professional Societies

AAPM, New England Regional Chapter Member, 2006-
AAPM, New England Regional Chapter Secretary, 2008-2010

Clinical Activities

  • Pre-treatment plan review and weekly chart review
  • IORT program physics coordination and case coverage

  • Treatment planning system QA

  • National Protocol Credentialing coordination

  • Linac commissioning, monthly and annual quality assurance


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