Physics Seminar

When: Every Tuesday at 12:00 noon
Where: Goitein room, Francis H. Burr Proton Center, 30 Fruit St, Boston, MA
Contact: Jan Schuemann, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

18 Jun 2019
No Seminar due to ICCR
11 Jun 2019
No Seminar due to PTCOG
04 Jun 2019
Yiwen Xu (MGH): Deep Learning Predicts Lung Cancer Treatment Response from Serial Medical Imaging
28 May 2019
Dr. Jorg Dietrich M.D., Ph.D. (MGH): Brain injury and neurodegeneration: Lessons learned from cancer therapy and implications for brain repair
21 May 2019
Jeremy Brownstein, MD: A Streamlined Approach to Robust Evaluation and Optimization of Range/Setup Uncertainties in Proton Treatment Planning
14 May 2019
Invention Disclosures, Patents and Partnering with Industry: Fundamentals for Health Care Providers, Michaela Levin (PHS Innovation Office)
07 May 2019
MRI discovery and development, Dr. Raymond Damadian
30 Apr 2019
A 3D Code in the Human Genome; Eres Lieberman Aiden (Assist. Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University): The center for genome architecture
23 Apr 2019
Jacob Scott (Cleveland Clinic, Cancer Connector)
16 Apr 2019
Wonmo Sung (MGH): Tumor and Immune Interaction Modeling in Radiotherapy
09 Apr 2019
Xun Jia (UTSW): The potential and challenges of Artificial intelligence in radiotherapy
02 Apr 2019
Alexandra-Chloe Villani (MGH, Damon-Runyon Awardee): Deciphering the Achilles' heel of cancer immunotherapy
26 Mar 2019
Abdel Hammi (MGH): 4D Modeling of radiation dose to the circulating blood in radiation therapy
19 Mar 2019
Harald Paganetti (MGH): RBE = 1.1?
12 Mar 2019
Hsiao-Ming Lu (MGH)
05 Mar 2019
Clemens Grassberger (MGH)
26 Feb 2019
Joost Verburg (MGH): Prompt Gamma Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
19 Feb 2019
Jennifer Pursley (MGH): Dosimetric analysis and NTCP model for Child-Pugh score increase after liver irradiation
12 Feb 2019
Chul Hee Min (Yonsei University, MGH): Monte Carlo simulation and detection system for radiation therapy, radiation protection, and homeland security
29 Jan 2019
Bram Gorissen, MGH (On the new inverse planning algorithm of Astroid)
22 Jan 2019
Ali Mirzapour, MGH, Intra-fraction Motion Prediction in MRgRT using Markov Processes
18 Dec 2018
Gang Xiao, Brown University (Quantum magnetic sensing, spintronics, and applications)
11 Dec 2018
Hsiao-Ming Lu, MGH (Proton Beam Imaging Based on Energy Resolved Dose Measurements)
20 Nov 2018
David Craft, MGH (Predicting drug cancer cell line sensitivity)
15 Nov 2018
Wolfgang Enghardt, OncoRay/Technische Universität Dresden (TBD)
16 Oct 2018
Hyun-Il Paik, Partners RISC (Partners R User Group & Resources)
09 Oct 2018
Ahmed Hosny, DFCI (Artificial intelligence in radiology)
05 Oct 2018
Rongjia Tao, Temple University (Reducing Blood Viscosity and Suppressing Turbulence with Magnetic Field to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke)
27 Sep 2018
Katia Parodi, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Research Opportunities Beyond State-of-the-Art in Ion Beam Therapy)
14 Aug 2018
Avilash Cramer, MIT (A Stationary Computed Tomography Module Using Photocathode-Driven X-Ray Sources)
07 Aug 2018
Jan Unkelbach, University Hospital Zurich (A Bayesian network model for personalized elective CTV definition in head & neck cancer)
24 Jul 2018
Fernando Hueso Gonzalez, MGH (Clinical prompt gamma system)
17 Jul 2018
Gabriel O. Sawakuchi, MD Anderson (Harnessing DNA Repair Defects Using Particle Therapy)
03 Jul 2018
Andreas Rinscheid, University Hospital Ulm (Proton Range Verification with Prompt Gamma-Ray Timing & Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Modeling in Nuclear Medicine)
26 Jun 2018
Ethel Pereira, MGH (Lymph node metastasis: A marker or contributor of distant metastasis?)
19 Jun 2018
Tilo Winkler, MGH (Pulmonary PET-CT Imaging, Asthma and Emergent Phenomena)