Physics Seminar

When: Every Tuesday at 12:00 noon
Where: Goitein room, Francis H. Burr Proton Center, 30 Fruit St, Boston, MA
Contact: Jan Schuemann, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

07 Jul 2020
Robert Cormack (BWH): Towards a MR Based Hypoxia Monitor
30 Jun 2020
No Seminar (TOPAS Course)
22 Jun 2020
Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos (Head of the Cancer Biophysics Laboratory at the University of Cyprus): Mathematical Models add up to improved Cancer Therapy
16 Jun 2020
Christian Guthier (MGH): Recent developments to improve clinical workflows in radiation therapy
09 Jun 2020
Ivan Buzorovic (BWH): Clinical brachytherapy in 2025
02 Jun 2020
Jennifer Pursley (MGH): Medical physicists getting woke: the case for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
26 May 2020
Jamie Jacobs, Ph.D., (Director of Caregiving Research, Cancer Outcomes Research Program, MGH): Psychosocial and Behavioral Oncology Research
19 May 2020
Chao Ma (MGH): High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Using SPICE
12 May 2020
Mo Motamedi (MGH Cancer Center): Modeling cellular quiescence in the fission yeast uncovers conserved transcriptional regulatory principles in eukaryotes
05 May 2020
Keyur Shah, Drexel University: Improving Deformable Image Registration Accuracy using Analytic Regularization and Hybrid Similarity Metric
28 Apr 2020
Myrsini Ioakeim-Ioannidou, MGH; Manuel Patino Galindo, MGH; Tanaz Sharifnia, BROAD Institute; Norbert Liebsch, MGH; Shannon MacDonald, MGH: Proton Radiation Therapy for Pediatric Chordomas.
21 Apr 2020
Thibault Marin (MGH): Gross tumor delineation with CT, MR and PET: variability and learning
14 Apr 2020
Yi Wang (MGH): Machine learning optimization (MLO) auto planning in RayStation
07 Apr 2020
David Craft (MGH): Viruses versus cells: The last 2 billion years, with a focus on the last 2 months
31 Mar 2020
Jan Schuemann (MGH): TOPAS-nBio - Monte Carlo simulations for cell scale radiation physics and biology
24 Mar 2020
Thomas Bortfeld (MGH): Medical Physics in the Covid-19 crisis, what can we do to help with the pandemic? (Discussion)
17 Mar 2020
Erica Mason (MIT/MGH): Developing Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) toward two clinical applications: intraoperative breast cancer margin assessment and functional brain imaging
10 Mar 2020
Rahul Paul, PhD (University of South Florida): Ensemble Adversarial Attack and Defense Against Medical Deep Learning System
03 Mar 2020
Matthew Frigault (MGH), Overview of cellular therapy (CAR-T)
25 Feb 2020
Adam Yala (MIT): Rethinking Cancer Risk and Personalized Screening with Deep Learning
18 Feb 2020
Stefan Ten Eikelder (Tilburg University): A theoretical framework for adaptive functional imaging-based treatment optimization
11 Feb 2020
A patient's view: Protons
04 Feb 2020
Hanna Koivunoro (Neutron Therapeutics): Accelerator-based Boron neutron capture therapy at the Helsinki University Hospital
28 Jan 2020
A patient's view: Photons
21 Jan 2020
David Langenau (MGH, Associate Director of Research, Director of Molecular Pathology): Learning about human cancer…one zebrafish at a time
14 Jan 2020
Elisabeth Huynh (BWH): Initial Clinical Experience with an MR-guided Linear Accelerator for Adaptive Radiotherapy
07 Jan 2020
David Miyamoto (MGH): Blood-Based Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer: Challenges and Opportunities
31 Dec 2019
No Physics Seminar
24 Dec 2019
No Physics Seminar
17 Dec 2019
Hyeri Lee (MGH): Investigation of ECG-Gated proton therapy for soft tissue cardiac sarcoma
10 Dec 2019
Aimee McNamara (MGH): Perspectives on the model-based approach to proton therapy trials: a retrospective study of a lung cancer randomized trial
26 Nov 2019
No Physics Seminar
19 Nov 2019
Maryam Moteabbed (MGH): MRI-integrated proton therapy: Is there a clinical need?
12 Nov 2019
Do Hyeon Yoo (Yonsei University, Korea), Implementation of the Mesh-type Reference Computational Human Phantom in TOPAS for Radiation Therapy
05 Nov 2019
No Seminar due to RRS
29 Oct 2019
Needa Virani (BWH/DCFI), Vascular Disruption Therapy via Targeted Gold Nanoparticles for Drug Permeation and Immunostimulation
22 Oct 2019
Fernando Hueso Gonzalez (MGH), Improving the Accuracy of Dosimetry during Cancer Treatment and Planning
15 Oct 2019
Nadya Shusharina (MGH), Automated delineation of clinical target volume for glioma via anatomically constrained 3D expansion of the gross tumor volume
08 Oct 2019
No Physics Seminar
01 Oct 2019
David Scadden (MGH): Biomaterials to regenerate T cell immunity
24 Sep 2019
Zoltan Perko (TU Delft), Algorithm development at TU Delft for improved proton therapy, and Thomas Buchner (TU Munich), Robot System for Compact Proton Therapy
17 Sep 2019
No Seminar due to ASTRO
10 Sep 2019
No Seminar due to ASTRO practice talks
03 Sep 2019
Marleen Balvert (MGH), Towards a drug recommendation system for cancer treatment
27 Aug 2019
Ali Ajdari (MGH): Towards Optimal Stopping in Radiation Therapy
20 Aug 2019
Yaser Gholami (University of Sydney), A Novel Immuno-Radio-Nanoplatform for Simultaneous PET/MRI and Targeted Radionuclide Therapy
13 Aug 2019
Hongyu Zhu (MGH): Cellular response to proton irradiation: a simulation study with TOPAS-nBio
07 Aug 2019
Chia-Chun Wang (MGH)
06 Aug 2019
Kris Sarosiek (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Medicine), Developmental regulation of apoptosis as a modifiable driver of radiotherapy-induced neurocognitive impairment in pediatric patients
30 Jul 2019
Paola Divieti Pajevic (MD, PhD, BU/MGH): Osteocytes and mechanobiology
23 Jul 2019
Harald Paganetti (MGH): The Paganetti Lab: Overview of ongoing projects
16 Jul 2019
No Seminar due to AAPM