Even though systemic anti-tumor responses from local radiotherapy alone (abscopal responses) remain rare, it is widely recognized that ionizing radiation modulates the immune response in a variety of ways, (see Figure above). Approaches combining immunotherapy (mostly checkpoint inhibitors) and radiation are now in clinical trial stage for a number of disease sites.

Our lab develops and applies methodologies to approach a wide range of highly relevant clinical questions:

  • How does the optimal radiation regimen (sequencing / dose / fractionation) differ depending on the immunotherapeutic approach used? (see Figure above)
  • How patient-specific is the interaction? How can we assess the state of the immune system in a patient and guide optimal treatment combinations? (see Figure below)
  • Does proton therapy affect the immune response in a different way from conventional photon irradiation?

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Team members involved in this effort:

Abdelkhalek Hammi, PhD

Wonmo Sung, PhD


RT - Immune - Tumor Model incorporating the main interactions


Simulating impact of fractionation on lymphocyte depletion and recovery


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