Joao Seco, Ph.D. DABR

Joao Seco, PhD Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Department of Radiation Oncology
Francis H Burr Proton Therapy Center
30 Fruit Street
Boston MA 02114
Phone: (617) 724 5097/(617) 724 1202
Fax: (617) 724 0368
E-mail: jseco (at)

Education and Degrees

Degree: Univ. Lisbon, 1993, Theoretical Physics
MSc : Univ. Lisbon & Univ Paris 6/7, 1996, Solid State Physics and Material Science
MSc : New Univ. Lisbon, 1998, Engineering of Medical Equipment
PhD : Univ. of London, 2002, Medical Physics



NEW Book Publication by Joao Seco and Frank Verhaegen

Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation Therapy

Publication Date: March 21, 2013



Areas of Interest

Monte Carlo simulations for beam delivery and verification
Monte Carlo dose calculations
Electronic portal imaging and dosimetry
4D Monte Carlo dose calculation

Selected publications:

Seco J, Sharp GC, Turcotte J, Gierga D, Bortfeld T, Paganetti H(2007) Effects of intra-fraction motion on IMRT treatment with segmentsof few monitor units. Med Phys, 34(3), 923-934
Davies G, Bidmead AM, Mubata C, Nalder C, Seco J (2007) Electrondosimetry of angular fields, British Journal Radiology, March 2007
Vanderstraeten B, Chin M, Fix M, Leal A, Mora G, Reynaert N, Seco J,Soukup M, Spezi E, (2007) Conversion of CT numbers into tissueparameters for Monte Carlo dose calculations: a multi-center study. Phys. Med. Biol., 52(3), 539-562
Parent L, Seco J, Evans PM, Dance DR, Fielding A (2006) Evaluation oftwo methods of predicting MLC leaf positions using EPID measurements. Med. Phys., 33, 3174-3182
Parent L, Seco J, Evans PM, Fielding A, Dance DR (2006) Monte Carlomodeling of a-Si EPID response: The effect of spectral variations withfield size and position. Med Phys, 33, 4527-4540 2006
Seco J, Evans PM (2006) Assessing the effect of electron density inphoton dose calculations. Med. Phys, 33* 540-552
Partridge M, Trapp J, Seco J, Adams EJ, Leach MO, Webb S (2006) AnInvestigation of Dose Calculation Accuracy in Intensity-ModulatedRadiotherapy of sites in the Head & Neck. Physica Medica/, XXII (3)*97-104 July-September
Seco J, Adams EJ, Bidmead AM, Partridge M, Verhaegen F (2005) Head& Neck IMRT treatments assessed with a Monte Carlo dose calculationengine. Phys. Med. Biol. 50, 817-830

Selected Publications in Solid State Physics (Superconducting Neutrino Detector's)

Seco J and Girard TA (2000) The supercritical fields of metastable Type-I superconductors. Nucl. Instr. Methods Phys A, 444(1-2), 357

Dubos H, Girard TA, Waysand G, Perrier P, Jeudy V Limagne D, Seco J and Collar JI (1998) Thermal nucleation of the normal state in superheated superconducting tin grains. Phys Rev B, 58, 6468

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Seco J, Gomes MJ, Barbosa R, Girard TA, Waysand G, Limagne D, Dubos H, Jeudy V and Perrier P (1996) Radiation detection with a metastable superconducting detector composed of nonspherical grains. Nucl. Instr. Methods Phys A,  370, 20